Flexibility and unconventional solutions

P. W. Acord has been supplying a wide range of products to the Polish and foreign markets for almost 20 years.

We produce truck bodies, trailers and semi-trailers for various industries and applications.

We create a strong team of over 70 employees, including 8 engineers and constructors. In addition to typical solutions, we offer bodies that meet specific needs, regardless of whether it is the transport of goods, equipment, specialized, perishable loads or animals. Thanks to our extensive experience, we meet the needs and high requirements of our customers, meeting safety and regulatory standards.

The key to success for us is understanding the user’s needs. This is a basic step that ensures that the solutions we use will be optimal and that the product we offer will fully meet customer expectations, characterized by high efficiency, reliability and ergonomics.

We make sure to constantly improve and improve our products, focusing on our own technical ideas and improving the qualifications of our staff.

Our production plant in Kowalewo consists of an extensive machinery park and nearly 3,900 m² of production and office space.

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