These are not just ordinary vehicles

It’s emotions. It’s freedom. It’s a lifestyle. Become a citizen of the world and get behind the wheel of a luxurious mobile home.

There are endless ways to configure your own vehicle. Each one is as extraordinary and unique as the person who wants to create it. Our company is happy to help make our clients’ dreams come true.


Boxes mounted under the floor for storing things or installing components such as stoves, grills and other equipment. Roof racks with long-range lighting or lighting beams. Rails with lamps illuminating the vehicle’s surroundings. Configuration of windows, sunroofs and doors according to the client’s instructions. Access flaps, accessory mounting strips tailored to client’s requirements.

Rear lift with large boxes, lowered hydraulically to ground level with space for spare wheels. Theft-protected wheels. Additional ramp for bicycles or motorcycles. A set of hydraulic support legs for stabilizing and leveling the vehicle when parked. Lift design completely tailored to client’s requirements Internal partition walls within the body, preparation of walls for furniture and equipment installation. Access to the cabin, detachable to allow chassis servicing, secured to the cabin opening with stainless steel latches.
Special rubber apron enabling free movement of the cabin and bodywork. The passage equipped with doors on the body side, cabin side, or two pieces ensuring thermal and acoustic insulation. The roof is adapted for mounting a solar panels installation.