Livestock semi-trailers

Our semi-trailers can be equipped with 1, 2, 3 or 4 decks on which animals are transported. The cargo space can be 77m2, 94m2 or 118 m2 All decks are equipped with special partitions allowing for the separation of transported animals, which automatically adjust their height to different heights between the decks - that is, for the four or three-deck version. The semi-trailer is constructed in the so-called the "disease-free" system, i.e. the air directed to the interior of the semi-trailer is filtered twice (pre-filter and post-filter). Very important for the design are solutions emphasizing simplicity and easy inside cleaning of the semi-trailer.

The semi-trailers can be equipped with:
• automatic parking heating system
• temperature monitoring system on each deck.
• emergency power supply
• 2 or 3 BPW axles with drum brakes
• automatic cleaning and disinfection system
• a weighing system with a recorder of the number of transported animals.
• drinking system equipped with compressed air blowing system
• UV air filtration system
• air conditioning system AC
• remote monitoring system

The above is just a short description and can be extended with other devices based on the customers needs 😊